They take care of your pension

Who are the people behind SNPS? And what do they do, exactly? Three people involved talking about this.

Cansu Bilici (31), all-round pension specialist. Lives in Rotterdam.

"Let's face it. Pensions are not very sexy. After graduating in Management Economics and Law, I ended up there by chance. I've been working as an all-round pension specialist for seven years now - the last 2.5 years for Shell's pension administration - and I really enjoy my work. After all, pensions are not stuffy at all, but very dynamic. Because there are so many changes within the current pension system, I notice that more and more people are consciously considering it".

Relevant information

"For my work, I need to have knowledge of all pension processes and the communication involved. Because sometimes a participant calls to report a divorce and other times you are in touch with someone who wants to retire early but cannot log into their personal environment. It's up to me to provide everyone with all the relevant information as quickly as possible. This means that I interact a lot with my immediate colleagues and other departments, such as IT or the legal department. In addition, I maintain contact with Shell and ensure that the agreements made are adhered to".

Well informed

"SNPS is an innovative pension fund that is always striving for improvement. Something that suits me well, because optimising and digitising processes gives me a lot of energy. Step by step we try to offer participants even more insight into their pension scheme and the options they have. Successfully, because the average participant is well informed!”