They take care of your pension

Who are the people behind SNPS? And what do they do, exactly? Three people involved talking about this.

Martin van 't Zet (47), SNPS Executive Director. Lives in The Hague.

Future policy

"Pensions are an exciting and challenging field. Being both a pension lawyer and compliance officer, I am responsible for legal and governance matters for the two Shell pension funds in the Netherlands. I am also working on new legislation and regulations regarding pensions. In my role as Executive Director, I specifically focus - together with fellow Executive Director Kenan Yildirim - on the day-to-day operational management and SNPS policy preparation".

Varied work

"You can safely say that on the board we are preparing pension policy for the future. After all, it's about retirement provision for you and me both. But it's not only about finance and investments. What about the communication with our members and the risk management involved in the day-to-day running of a pension fund? That interaction, including the coordination with many different stakeholders, makes my work different every day and therefore very interesting".

Our challenge

"A lot of people do not realise how important pensions are in their financial planning, and how much the employer is contributing. Therefore, as board members our task is to get participants interested in pensions, to give them insight into their financial position and to guide them in making choices within the SNPS pension scheme. We are a cutting-edge pension fund, with up-to-date means of communication and a modern scheme. We try to combine the advantages of collectivity with more individual choices. This is also the direction of the planned revision of the pension system that the government and social partners are currently working on at a national level. That we are already offering that makes me quite proud".