They take care of your pension

Who are the people behind SNPS? And what do they do, exactly? Three people involved talking about this.

Niek Kroeze (32), supervisory director on behalf of the employees. Lives in Zoetermeer.

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"I am honoured that, as an SNPS director, I am given the opportunity to get involved in matters such as innovation, communication and digitalisation. I am not involved in an executive capacity, but I provide guidance and advice where necessary. In my role I concentrate on three areas: ICT, communication and investments. The topics that occur are very different from my daily job as a Segment Architect Analytics. So, in a short period of time, I have studied the pension system, investments and finance. What do you reckon? Pensions are lots of fun and very interesting!

A modern fund

"SNPS is a young, modern, transparent and quite straightforward fund, if you ask me. We communicate without any hassle and with modern means, which certainly appeals to me as an ICT professional. As far as transparency is concerned: because of the separate pension accounts (also known as a pension pot), the participant knows exactly what he is building up. If colleagues ask me to, I'm very happy to explain the scheme to them. I find it exciting to work on the future. In addition to my present job, it gives me a different perspective on both life and the future.

Making a difference

"In the two years I've been on the board, I've learned a lot. And I'm learning something new every week. It feels good to be able to make a difference for later and to work on something that is also relevant for the rest of your colleagues. That's why I don't understand why people my age don't take an interest in their pensions. I myself thought: if you want to make an impact on your pension, you should do it now and not just before you retire!"