What are the costs?

SNPS wants to achieve the best possible pension and offer accessible information to its participants. The costs incurred are the so-called  dministration costs. These are carefully monitored by the board. With a focus on costs that are to be paid by participants. Due to the composition of the portfolios, the largely passive investment strategy, the selection of low cost structure investment funds and the opportunity to make use of attractive purchase rates, the costs for participants can be kept relatively low. 

SNPS administration costs

The administration costs to be paid by SNPS include pension fund management and asset management costs. In 2019, these costs totalled € 2.4 million. This represents a increase in costs of €100,000 compared to 2018. 

Administration costs participants

The administration costs to be paid by participants consist entirely of asset management costs. These are settled with the personal pension accounts. For a 40-year-old participant with an average pension capital of € 10,000 and a neutral risk profile, the administration costs in 2019 were approximately € 20.