More or less risk: the participant decides

With SNPS, participants have a personal pension account with which they can take on more or less investment risk. This is done by investing offensively, defensively or neutrally with the so-called SNPS Life Cycle profiles. These profiles clearly state the risks that are involved. This enables the participant
to choose a profile that suits his or her life stage and the risk tolerance at that particular moment.

For instance, if you want to have a chance of the highest return, and you are prepared to take the
maximum risk, you can select the offensive profile. Then you will be investing in shares only. Should
you prefer to take less risk, then you opt for neutral. Within that profile, 90 percent is invested in
equities and 10 percent in bonds (less sensitive to economic earthquakes). Finally, you can go for a
defensive profile. In that case, 70 percent is invested in equities and 30 percent in bonds, and there
is also a portion secured at a long-term interest rate.

Think of it as a motorway, meandering through the landscape. In the same way, the investment
profile moves with a person’s life stage. On that motorway - your life course - you always have the
choice to drive on the left lane, middle lane or right lane, depending on your personal risk