Important figures


SNPS has invested assets of 248,215,000 euros.


is the number of participants who accrual pension with SNPS, of which 2,975 participate in the gross scheme (compulsory, if your gross earnings are less than 98,000 euros per year) 4,299 in the net scheme (voluntary if your gross earnings are more than 98,000 euros per year)

The pension fund has no average return on investments. Each participant has his own pot and therefore his own personal return. The return on the interest portfolio was 7.4%. The CVP Gross Scheme: 18.1% And CVP Net Scheme 18.1%

Is ready for the future in 4 areas: individual pension pots, freedom to choose your own investment profile, market upheavals and collectivity when it adds value

From the age of 58 participants can take part in the Collective Variable Pension (CVP). In the CVP, a number of investment risks are shared collectively

The board focuses on 4 United Nations sustainability goals: Gender quality, Affordable & Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities & Communities, and Climate Action


Participants chose an offensive risk profile


Participants chose a defensive risk profile


Participants chose a neutral risk profile

Participants retired in 2019

The average SNPS retirement age is 61

In 2019, SNPS launched 7 strategic initiatives