What does the pension scheme entail?

SNPS is a forerunner in the pension landscape. Being a participant of the pension fund, you have a personal pension pot. The money from this pot is invested using a risk profile chosen by the participant: neutral, offensive or defensive. In addition, in the pension phase participants can opt for a variable benefit (Collective Variable Pension, or CVP). With these schemes SNPS nticipates the Pension Agreement and is well prepared for new legislation and regulations.

  • On the SNPS portal, your pension benefit will be immediately visible via the SNPS my-Flexplanner tool.
  • In the investment balance sheet the effects of the three risk profiles can be visualised and every
    quarter a complete overview of the investment performance in your individual pension pot is made
  • From the age of 58, participants can opt for a variable pension (CVP). In that case, the funds are also
    invested after the retirement date in a fixed, collective investment mix.
  • The last 10 years before you retire, the risk is reduced by 10 percent every year, so that the entire capital has a minimal risk at the end of those 10 years.

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