1. Role of SNPS in the Pension Agreement

SNPS is a forerunner in the pension landscape. For example, the pension fund already offers some provisions that are currently being discussed in the Pension Agreement. These include personal pots and the freedom to choose an investment profile (which allows participants to take more or less risk). To show key parties in the Dutch pension world how this works in practice, experts from the Shell Pension Office regularly share their experiences with interested parties.

2. Integrated risk management

In 2019, SNPS carried out various crisis exercises. Goal: to gain a clear picture of how to react in such a crisis situation and ascertain whether the crisis plan is sufficient. Based on the results, SNPS has further optimised their existing procedures. Possible lessons that can be learnt from the corona crisis are incorporated into the risk management policy.

3. Smart pension planner

What happens if you retire early? Is it possible to first receive a higher pension and then a lower one? And can you exchange your partner's pension for extra retirement pension? Many participants have questions about their pension. In 2019, SNPS launched my-Flexplanner to respond to those particular questions.
The my-Flexplanner is only accessible with DigiD.

4. Optimising technology, IT strategy refined

SNPS wants to make pensions easier and more accessible. That is why the pension fund has set up a number of projects that optimise the use of technology. Think, for example, of the video calling experiment of the SNPS customer service and the first concept for a smartphone app. The IT strategy has also been refined, wherein accessible and pleasant interactions with participants have become even more important.

5. Customer-focused participant involvement

In 2019, participant research was conducted into the communication of SNPS. A total of 7,000 people were contacted. This resulted in a response rate of around 20 percent. SNPS's communication received a final mark of 7. It also became clear that digital information is considered important, as long as there is room for personal contact.

6. Focus on four SDG's

SNPS wants to put more emphasis on 4 of the 17 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDG's) of the United Nations (UN). Namely: Gender Equality, Affordable and Clean Energy, Industry, Sustainable cities and communities, and Climate Action.

7. Risks and opportunities, Asset Liability Management study (ALM study)

The Asset Liability Management (ALM) study was completed in 2019. This study offers the board of SPNS an insight into possible financial developments and risks in combination with the investment policy pursued. This has made the investment portfolio even more sound.